Lower Extremity Reconstruction

Both traumatic and elective orthopedic patients can require soft tissue reconstruction of the lower leg should their wounds not heal appropriately. Dr. Pathy and Dr. Shah frequently work with Trauma and Orthopedic teams to ensure that a patient’s wounds are covered adequately to improve function and to minimize the risk of infection.

Following knee replacement surgery, the incision overlying the newly placed hardware can occasionally break down because of a number of factors. A Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon may be necessary at such times to provide the proper soft tissue coverage such as with skin, fat, and muscle, so as to preserve the new hardware and expedite physical rehabilitation.

Because the skin is relatively thin in the lower leg, it is susceptible to traumatic injury, especially if the bones are injured as well. At times, the resulting injury to the skin is severe and the bones may become exposed. A Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon may then be required to ensure that the open wound is closed to limit the risk of infection and to allow adequate healing of any fractures. This coverage may require something as simple as a skin graft or a more elaborate transfer of muscle.

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