Earlobe Surgery

The earlobe is a surprisingly frequent area of concern for many patients. Earrings can result in a keloid (overgrown scar) formation in certain susceptible individuals, especially those who are darker-skinned. Keloids can be cared for in a variety of ways. Click here to view a general discussion on keloids and their treatment.

A split-earlobe is not uncommon in individuals who have a history of wearing heavy earrings, or in those who have endured a traumatic injury. The procedure to repair the elongated earlobe hole can be done in the office under local anesthesia. While it may be several weeks before you can wear an earring again, the risk of further damaging the earlobe as well as the overall aesthetic result is improved.

Earlobe gauging is a form of piercing which stretches the earlobe. At times, individual choose to remove the gauge, and the earlobe does not return to its natural shape on its own. To correct the defect, a procedure can be performed usually in the office based setting, though occasionally a more extensive procedure may be required. The end-result is a return to a more natural earlobe contour.

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