Breast Reduction

In addition to neck, shoulder, and upper back pain, many women with breast enlargement suffer from the psychological repercussions of their body image. Prolonged debilitation from enlarged breasts can additionally result in spine and postural abnormalities. Rashes can develop beneath the breasts from the accumulation of moisture and difficulty with proper hygiene. Breast reduction surgery involves removing both skin and breast tissue to alleviate the excessive weight of the enlarged breasts. During this operation, the breast is both reduced and lifted so as to also achieve a more youthful appearance. The end-result is a much more proportionate breast in relation to the body.

A variety of techniques can be employed, and the optimal plan will vary depending upon your individual situation. In addition, for insurance to provide coverage for your operation, a number of criteria must be met, including treatment under the care of a physical therapist or chiropractor. Dr. Pathy and Dr. Shah will discuss not only your procedure, but also these criteria during your consultation.

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